This Week in EDU for 10/10/2022

Top Sections:

  1. State Education Funding updates
  2. Election 2022 Update: Education Funding is becoming an election point in many states right now
  3. Election 2022 Update: Ballot Initiatives are being voted on in six states
  4. Election 2022 Update: Critical Race Theory and the 2022 election

Section 1: State Education Funding updates

Illinois – Despite a state law requiring fully funding districts on a per pupil basis, the state is under funding education to the tune of $1.7 billion according to the Partnership for Equity and Education Rights Illinois.

Wyoming – The US Department of Education is threatening to revoke $9 million in funding for Special Education programs due to the way the Wyoming Department of Education appropriated funds in 2019 and 2020.

Section 2: Education Funding is rarely an election point in states right now

This election cycle is bringing

Georgia – While education comprises $25 billion of a $58 billion state budget, only 3% of registered voters call education the top issue compared to 16% in 2018 according to a Fox poll.

Pennsylvania – We have two significantly different strategies with the candidates for Governor.

  • Doug Mastriano (R) has stated that he wants to significantly cut per pupil spending.
  • Josh Shaprio (D) would like to fully fund education

Section 3. Six States have Ballot Initiatives

California – Proposition 28 would require that 1% of state and local Education Funding go towards music and art education.

Colorado – Proposition FF would allow all students in CO to eat free at school regardless of financial status.

Idaho – Voters can approve House Bill 1 which would generate $410 million for public schools.

Massachusetts – Question 1 increases taxes on incomes above $1 million by 4%.

New Mexico – Voters will decide on a state constitutional amendment to support early childhood education programs.

West Virginia – A measure is up to voters that would require that any changes made by the board of education be then submitted to the legislature for approval.

Section 4 – Critical Race Theory and the 2022 election

Critical Race Theory continues to be a polarizing issue among certain voter groups. Certain groups appear to be trying to use it as a wedge issue, and its political weight seems to be more important than actual impact to reform and improve education. Few politicians appear ready to state their candidacy on education as a primary issue and are instead focusing on inflation and the economy as lead strategies.

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