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Today, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed a bipartisan education budget that will make the highest state per-student investment in Michigan history, invest half a billion dollars in school infrastructure, fund teacher recruitment, bolster school safety, expand mental health resources, and so much more according to


The post-deadline budget deal reached by Pennsylvania lawmakers includes the biggest education funding increase of Gov. Tom Wolf’s tenure, adding $525 million to the main pot of money for K-12 public schools statewide according to The Inquirer.


California school districts, enjoy it, make it last and spend it wisely, because you may never see an education budget like the one that Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Thursday according to EdSource.


Arizona’s legislature approved a bipartisan $18 billion spending plan early Thursday that will make substantial investments in public schools, build new highways and pay down long-term debts.

Lawmakers in the House and Senate ended a months-long impasse, working through the night to approve the budget shortly before sunrise. Only a handful of dissenters from each party voted against the package of bills, and Republican Gov. Doug Ducey was expected to approve it according to News12.

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