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Nerdy acquires Codeaverse

Nerdy , developer of Varsity Tutors, the popular online tutoring platform used by students from elementary school through college and adulthood, today announced that it is adding immersive coding classes to its fast-growing library of academic and enrichment programs. The acquisition of Codeverse, an award-winning creative online platform where kids build apps and games with real code, will enable Nerdy to meet the growing demand for computer science and coding education with consumers and in schools according to Business Wire.

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Tommy the Turtle

For kids interested in learning to code, Tommy the Turtle is a basic introduction to the commands, sequences, and loops involved in the coding process. Kids are guided through coding to make Tommy the Turtle sing, dance, and move on stage. There is also a challenge mode where kids are asked to solve more advanced coding problems independently or with friends. This app can be used at home or in the technology classroom. Coding helps kids develop problem-solving skills and become more comfortable using technology according to the Tech Advocate.

Learn Python

This past year has seen almost all students turn to technology more than ever before as part of their education. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) is becoming more engrained in education for today’s students. As a result, understanding coding or programming is more important than ever. While many first learn to code with block coding where different “blocks” of code are stacked together like building blocks, text coding is the next step. According to many in Computer Science education as well as people in the industry, Python is one of the most important languages for beginners to learn since it is applicable to so many different areas. Luckily, there is an easier way to learn this computer language according to GeekDad.


DoodleLearning joins Discovery Education

Discovery Education has expanded its digital product suite and its UK presence by acquiring digital platform DoodleLearning.

The digital learning giant’s latest addition is designed to complement a host of other acquisitions, including its purchase of interactive learning platform Spiral in July 2020, and Mystery Science four months later according to The Pie News.

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