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“Computer Science Education Week” is being marked around the country this week (Dec. 6 through 10), and one way Michigan City Area Schools students are celebrating is through an “Hour of Code” according to WIMS.

North Carolina

Students in schools across North Carolina this week are participating in an “Hour of Code,” a centerpiece of Computer Science Education Week running through Friday, to spark their interest in the high-demand field of computer technology according to EDNC.


CodeWizardsHQ, the leading online coding school for kids ages 8-18, is celebrating Computer Science Education Week by offering a special introductory class for kids that also benefits their school’s parent organization according to PRNewswire.


The National Computer Science Week started here in the natural state.

Along with education leaders from across the country, including the director of the National Center for Computer Science Education, Governor Asa Hutchinson announced the announcement today according to FIOR.


In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, Gov. Brad Little will be writing computer code with local middle school students according to Idahonews.

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