Education Robotics Coding News 12/1/2021

South Korea

Alux, a startup in the fast-growing field of educational technology, or edtech, is providing next-generation education programs based on big data, artificial intelligence and the metaverse to some 2,000 schools across the country according to the Korean Herald.

United States

Sparking innovative education and outreach: K-12 Robotics Center | University of Nevada, Reno
With support from Tesla and EDAWN, unique University facility for robotics-based education and competition teams will strengthen the path to degrees, careers and workforce development according to Nevada Today.

Social robots tend to be associated with futuristic science fiction movies, like Vision, the android from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or C-3PO from Star Wars. In reality, they have rewarding applications in our present day. Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder are studying how artificial intelligence and education might intersect according to the University of Colorado.

Study: Kids stereotype tech as being for boys and not girls – but not for the reason you might expect according to a University study reported by Geekwire.

Use of automation for mundane tasks has been under way for generations. But the pandemic as well as subsequent labor shortages and rising wages are pushing U.S. businesses to turn to robots like never before according to Bloomberg.

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